Leadership Development

This work can take many forms. Some of the most popular include

*Leadership learning Events These are often facilitated off sites. Kevin’s focus is always on an outcome driven design so that lasting value is created. These highly interactive and participative events will leave leaders more aware of their own and the teams development needs but also with concrete actions to be implemented. New thinking, insight and energy is created.

*Leadership Reviews
Helping an organisation review its leadership strength is become a more common intervention. Does your organisation have the Talent, expertise and capability to deliver your strategy and ambition ? Do you have robust succession planning for all senior roles? Are you being creative with promotions and external hires?  How do you stack up against your key competitors? Is your leadership population diverse enough?
These are just some of the questions the review will answer. The process is collaborative and iterative so the client is always in control. The outcome will be a clearly articulated plan which will be actionable with accountabilities and timescales agreed.

*Leadership Coaching
These individual interventions will have clear learning objectives defined in the first two sessions. The monthly sessions will involve self discovery, new insights , reflection and learning thorough action. Sometimes these individual sessions make the most profound change happen. The advantage that Kevin brings to coaching is he has been an entrepreneur, CEO and HR Director and so has a deep understanding of the real leadership pressures and challenges. It also makes him a highly pragmatic coach.

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