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Kevin Green

I’ve often worked with or in organisations who over analyse and over planned. As a consequence, they keep getting stuck.

That’s why at What’s Next we help organisations think about their competitive strategy. We assist them to define the culture and talent necessary for them to deliver on their purpose and ambitions. We don’t then walk away we collaborate on execution.


Lead leadership teams to radically improve performance in terms of revenue and profit growth, customer offering and experience while developing their people and enhancing their culture.

Lead a huge change programme to transform a British institution. The outcome was a turnaround which enabled the organisation to go from losing £1.5 every day to marking £450m profit in 4 years whilst also creating a new culture.

I have set up a consultancy with a team of 20 consultants advising blue chips such as Tui, Selfridges, Unilever, and BaeSystems on their People Strategies.

Influenced Government policy in relation to employment, immigration and taxation.

Took a cerebral and dusty professional body, repositioned it’s purpose grew its membership, improved its offering and reputation and put £1.2 million into reserves. Making it a multi-award winning organisation.

Been interviewed live on TV by Jeremy Paxman twice and Euan on Newsnight as well as John Humphrey’s on Radio 4s Today programme. Been a sought-after commentator on the Uk Jobs market by the Media with regular appearances in the FT, Times and Sunday Times Telegraph, Economist and Guardian.

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